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Lauda check-in!

Posted by jlmiller on May 14, 2020 at 6:40 AM

Greetings to all!  I created this blog as a way for Lauda Musicam members to check in and let us know what's going on.  We are a tight-knit group and love to keep up with each other.  This page will give you an opportunity (at least through the time of CoVid19) to let us know about life events, musical accomplishments, or just your thoughts.  We don't know when our first rehearsal will be, yet, but we will be ready to DEVOUR some music by then!  I hope everyone will check in with some updated information.  This is a public  page, yet, I don't anticipate it to be heavily traveled.  Let's all hear from each other!

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Reply Jody L Miller
7:01 AM on May 14, 2020 
I'll start! First of all, I miss Lauda and all my music-making opportunities. I haven't made much music by myself, though, as middle school keeps chugging along. Our school district implemented a "plan" in which we would continue teaching online. Well, for band this is tough. Only 20-30% of my students submitted work, but the ones who did were outstanding in their efforts! I even encouraged them to SKIP the assignments and take a 30-minute lesson with me week. The handful that chose to do this got a TON better. (As an aside, if this is a good time for you to start up some lessons of your own, email me and I can send you to someone who teaches online and who I think could be a good fit for you!)
Those of you who know me well know I love to cook. So I have put THAT skill to use and have been eating much, much better than usual! And for the first time in my adult life, I am home during daylight hours and I am doing yard work--lots and lots of it!
If you are looking for some online music activities, please check out the offerings of Anne Timberlake at She is an amazing teacher and you would love her recorder webinars. I, too, will be offering some soon and will probably focus some on music theory, but I also plan to hold a webinar on picking up secondary early music instruments (intros to capped reeds, etc). I'll definitely let you know about these soon. Meanwhile, I have my first online workshop teaching gig through Amherst and you can check out their offerings at
I'm not self-promoting by any means, but with so much postponed or canceled, let me encourage you to put your toe in that sea of binary code. It wont' be the same--but it will be music and you can stay motivated!
Let's hear from you!
Reply Mickey Gillmor
8:04 PM on May 27, 2020 
Well, I just wrote a longish post but it got rejected by the website. GRRR. Trying again.

Henry and I are well if tired of being home all the time. My work continues and in fact has been busier than usual with one of our faculty getting called up by the Navy Reserves to serve as a nurse practitioner in New York City. Yikes. Luckily she survived and is home again now.

Most of the music I've played has been on our front porch with Henry and me on our porch and our neighbor's 10 year old and his trumpet on theirs. Fun! I've definitely improved my playing by ear skills. Henry and I have played some sackbut/recorder duets, but it's kind of a weird combination.

I really hope everyone is well and surviving the Stay at Home situation in good spirits. For me, it helps to acknowledge that I hate it. I am very grateful that I don't have small children at home though I miss our interactions with them face to face.Who knows when we will get to see our grandson in person. So sad.

Reply Charlie Schultz
12:56 PM on May 28, 2020 
We're doing fine here. I'm still doing on-line recorder lessons with Anne and my gamba lessons with Chrissy are now being done on-line. Not quite the same as in person, but the commute is easy :-)

Tennis courts are now open so I get out there fairly often, and of course there's yardwork and my deck is awaiting paint when it stops raining.

I have been going to Anne's webinars which are good (and she's going to have an on-line recital in a week or so). Also I am going to try the AEM basso continuo class, so that's something I wouldn't have done if things were normal.
Reply Susan Boyer
4:07 PM on June 8, 2020 
Geoff and I are mostly enjoying "retirement squared", as our confinement might be called. We walk at Medlock Park twice a week, and the deep breathing, tree-bathing, and sweat are helping us feel energized as well as helping us sleep well. Every Sunday night is take-out time and we've explored some new spots as well as local faves. After a few weeks of pigging out under COVID stress, we jumped back on Weight Watchers and our cooking continues to be delicious. The new air-fryer is contributing to our capacity to have really crispy fried foods without the high points of oil. Barbecue bacon, sweet potato fries, and Crispy Cod are some we especially like.
Eight months after returning from our art-focused trip to France, we finally finished making our memory book on Snapfish. Only 64 pages in length, too! The process has enhanced our enjoyment of the trip. We are also watching a 24 part series produced by the Great Courses, and available on Amazon Prime, on the Black Death. Perhaps a dark topic in a pandemic, but it's very well done, and some of it is focused on sites we toured in France.
Musically, we truly miss Sunday morning choir, Compline choir and Lauda! Choir is using Zoom to create some virtual ensembles, but boy the voice sounds so puny when singing at home! We realized that, not only did we miss the tour-de-force of Holy Week and Easter music, we missed the choir Easter party! Horrors! So, being the creative (crazy....) people that we are, we had a Zoom party with a Zombie-apocalypse Easter theme.....
The Lauda member meeting play-along should be fun, but hang on to your hats; some of these pieces have very brisk tempos.