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Saturday School

with Jody Miller

Paced for intermediate players (and those striving to be at an intermediate level), these Saturday School sessions are great opportunities to learn more about the recorder and what the recorder can play. Whether you are adding the recorder to the list of instruments you can play or you have finally gained enough of a foothold to manage playing intermediate level music with others, these sessions can help you move to the next step.

Some sessions focus on repertoire and some focus on technique—with a teacher accustomed to working with all levels of players.

REGISTER BY OCTOBER 6.  Viability of each session will be based on enrollment by October 6.  Assuming classes are viable, registration for sessions will close 48 hours before the class occurs.

**Some sessions require special materials.  Please read carefully, aas participants are expected to provide their own music.  Special materials marked in red.

Sessions are a la carte, so choose the ones you want or make a day of it!  Complete the registration form in the left column of this page to sign up.  The deadline for registration is 48 hours before the session is held.

Session Offerings

Saturday, October 10 

10:30 AM–12:00 PM, EDT. Recorder Technique: Magic Fingers, part 1.  Each class will start with work on breathing, blowing, and tone, but this week we'll really work on building independence of the fingers.  (1st of a 3-part series). $25 per participant, limit of 10.  Participants will need G. Rooda’s 95 Dexterity Exercises and Dances for both recorder in C and recorder in F (two separate books).

1:00 PM–2:30 PM, EDT. The Italian Madrigal. One of the most popular musical forms of the 15th and 16th centuries was the madrigal.  We'll look at a a variety of composers who left  us plenty of music worthy of a Renaissance Faire!  $25 per participant, limit of 10.  All music will be provided.

Saturday, October 17

10:30 AM–12:00 PM, EDT.  Recorder Technique: Magic Fingers, part 2.  See description from September 12.  Each session will be consistent with the others, but we'll work on double hole technique this time.  $25 per participant, limit of 10.  See October 10 for materials.

1:00 PM–2:30 PM, EDT.  The Early Renaissance.  Music changed a lot between 1400 and 1600.  Let's look at some of the earlier works, which will inevitably push our rhythmic skills.  This music frequently drew upon styles from the Medieval period, yet looked forward to some new harmonies.  $25 per participant, limit of 10.  Music will be provided.

Saturday, October 24

10:30 AM–12:00 PM, EDT.  Recorder Technique: Magic Fingers, part 3.  See description from October 10.  Each session will be consistent with the others, but we'll work on trills and other Baroque ornaments this time.  $25 per participant, limit of 10.  See October 10 for materials.

1:00 AM–2:30 PM, EDT.  The Recorder Revival: England and the Early 20th Century.  The recorder experienced a rather sudden reemergence in the early 20th century.  Some delightful music ensured, written by the likes of Imogen Holst (daughter of Gustav) and others.  Perhaps you'll recognize a few composers you didn't even realize wrote for recorder!  $25 per participant, limit of 10.  Music will be provided.

Session fees

Each session is $25, but discounts available for multiple sessions.

Discounted rates

$45 for both classes on any single Saturday.

$65 for 3 classes in a series (all three technique sessions OR all three consort sessions)

$85 for any 4 sessions

$130 for all 6 sessions (9 hours of instruction for less than $15 per hour!

Ways to pay




Check—E-mail me for mailing address

Sessions subject to change based on enrollment.  Fees are refundable up to 48 hours before the session.  In the event of fee refund, 100% of the fee for the cancelled session minus any applicable discounts for multiple classes will be applied.

Questions you may have

Questions you may have

How do I know if these classes are for me?

These sessions were constructed with the following people in mind: Enough technique to manage intermediate level solo and consort music

   • Perhaps few, if any, previous opportunities or attend workshop sessions

   • Converts from other instruments who read well, yet need to learn more about recorder

   • Recorder players who need some incentive to expand to other sizes of recorders

   • Recorder players who haven’t played in ensembles much and need to gain some comfort

   • Recorder players who are looking to build confidence before attending a larger online or in-person workshop

But all are welcomed! Sessions will be kept relatively small so that you won’t get lost in the crowd.

Where do I get music?

There are plenty of retailers who specialize in early music or recorder music. I won’t recommend places, but I will ALWAYS encourage you to seek out brick-and-mortar shops over Amazon or similar. If you need more guidance, please contact me directly. Some items may be available for download from the publisher or their distributor, eliminating the wait time and postage fees.

Why can’t you just give us copies of the music?

I try to choose some music with reliable free online versions when possible.  Not all online versions are reliable, though!  We sometimes photocopy music to keep others from going through the trouble of finding their own, but this is against the law if the edition is copyrighted. I encourage you to support vendors, publishers, arrangers, and composers through the purchase of music.

Could a class be cancelled?

Yes, if too few people sign up I may need to cancel a class. If there is just low interest in a topic, I may replace a class with a more popular one. If you register and pay for multiple classes, your discounted fees for the package deals will still be honored. All money for any cancelled class will be refunded.

What if too many people sign up and I can’t participate?

That’s one of those “good problems” to have, right? Well, I do understand it’s only a good problem for me. Depending upon the number of people who sign up, I am prepared to offer an additional section with a qualified recorder teacher who is at least as good as I am!

Will I need to play out loud so others can hear me?

I hope so! If you don’t know many recorder players, you should learn that we are a supportive bunch! No matter your current level, everyone else in the session has either been there or will eventually get there. We don’t give judgment—only help. Each of us can provide an example and it will help others learn. I have my weaknesses as a player and so do you! This is nothing to be ashamed of. Besides, hearing you a little bit individually is my best opportunity to give you helpful feedback. In short, though, no one will force you to play for others if this experience makes you uncomfortable.

If I like this and want more help, how do I keep the momentum? After the August Saturday School sessions, I may offer more. But you may also want to look into private lessons. I know a lot of recorder teachers who like to teach private lessons via video conference platform and can direct you to them. Some established workshops (notably, Amherst Early Music and San Francisco Early Music Society) are already offering formal workshop classes online and they are spectacular. Whatever you do, don’t stop here!

Other questions? Contact me and I'll try to help!

Terms of Use

Please note that Jody Miller reserves the right to record virtual sessions. By registering for a virtual session, you authorize Jody Miller to make a video recording and/or audio recording of you (the “Participant”), including your name, your image, your likeness, your performance, and/or your voice (“Recordings”). You also grant Jody Miller an unlimited right to share the recording with other paid workshop participants for review and study, extending to paid participants who do not attend the live session. You agree that Jody Miller will have final editorial authority over the use of the Recordings, and you waive any right to inspect or approve of any future use of the Recordings. You acknowledge that you are not expecting to receive compensation for participating in the Recordings or for any future use of the Recordings. You release and fully discharge Jody Miller from any claim, damages, or liability arising from or related to my participation in the Recordings or Jody Miller’s future use of the Recordings. You have read this entire waiver, fully understand it, and agree to be bound by it.

You also agree to use posted videos of the session for your own use. Please direct requests to view the session video to Jody Miller.